Case Study – Helios Travel

Helios Travel Case Study

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Intended Readership

This case study is intended primarily for people who:-
(i) create videos for their own pleasure or business;
(ii) create videos for others;
(iii) wish to expand their skill set;
(iv) are interested in learning about a “social-media-first” approach to video creation.


Making videos for mainstream social media channels (“social-media-first” production) and reusing them on web pages is a relatively new concept (first half of 2021).
We decided a case study was probably a better use of your time than discussing the theory and using hypothetical examples.
What follows is drawn from a real life example of a real business.


The tourism sector, like many others, was facing many uncertainties in 2021.  One small business on the Greek island of Kos – Helios Travel – adopted a strategy of diversifying its offerings.
Part of the strategy was wider use of video, posting them to Youtube and sharing across social media – in particular Facebook which they had identified as being used by their client base.
One particular video ~58 seconds (immediately below) promoted their new “corporate image”.  This is imported from Youtube – play button on bottom left.


You can also see the Youtube video on that platform here –

Leaving things to fate.

We hope you will agree that the content and quality of the video is perfectly good.
But it does not stand in isolation.
It is competing for attention with thousands of others that are uploaded each-and-every day (and night) to 3rd party video platforms and shared across social media.
Being time sensitive and leaving things as they were meant there was a risk that the video would get little coverage.
And well before the end of 2021 it would become a historical document.
All the time, effort and resource that went into making the video would be wasted.
Taking into account the opportunity cost – what else could have been done with the time – then it’s “wasted x 2”.

Taking action – first steps

Michael Trikoilis, the chief innovator in the Helios Travel company, was contacted – via Messenger – outlining the proposal to make 2 or 3 short “714 Format” videos based on his video.
At the same time we sought his permission to use Helios Travel’s digital assets eg. corporate logo.
We explained that what we would create would become his company’s digital asset(s).
The benefit to us at Video Initiative 714?  If he was happy with what we created for him – we would use it to help promote our own services.
On this basis Michael agreed without hesitation.

Making the “714 Format” videos.

A. The ingredients:-

(i) download of Youtube video;
(ii) copy-and-save of Helios Travel logo from website;

logo of helios travel - image

(iii) a newly-created frame into which to embed the original video.

Helios 714 Frame Landscape video image

B. The recipe

Using a video editor a new blank canvas was created – measuring 714 x 714 pixels.
The frame and downloaded video were imported to the canvas.
The video was separated into the three parts – each of which had an intro and outro image added.
The original soundtrack was used.

Video output example

Video immediately below – click to play.
The new videos were saved and uploaded initially to Facebook, and to self-hosted video storage for use on web pages.

Social Media  (Facebook)

The videos were first used in April 2021 by Helios Travel.  They can be seen on their Facebook video collection here:- 
We also took the opportunity to post it on our own Facebook pages:-
(1st April)
(5th April 2021)

Reusing the same video on web pages

Other than the scroll-stopping potential of “714 format” videos on social media their other big strength lies in the reuse of those same videos on web pages.
The same video was then used on a website about Mastihari – the place where Helios Travel’s main offices are located.:-
We also chose to feature it in our Newsletter:-

Summary and Next Steps

This case study has deliberately focussed on a single example drawn from real life and based on our own experience.
We hope it shown the potential of our “social-media-first” approach to video production and encourages you to explore its opportunities further.
We currently offer several services and products that you may wish to take advantage of.  These include:-
(i) a “Set It Up From Scratch” service.
We set everything up for you so that you can get on with offering your new service(s).
(ii) a FREE course
This shows how to make these videos yourself.  It is for users who already run self-hosted WordPress installations and video hosting.
Click here to sign-up for your free course.
(iii) Ready-made frames packages
A selection of frames for use with horizontal, vertical and square videos.
We are looking to develop more products and services – and would welcome hearing from you about what would be useful to you.

Who are Video Initiative 714?

We are Paul Carr and Chris Davis.  Two Englishmen who specialise in providing online products and services.
We are both long-standing Members of Society11 – a private Group of online marketers dedicated to promoting honest and ethical practices in the provision of online products and services.
Paul’s main website is
Chris is more a “behind the scenes” man.  You can get an idea of his online offerings via Facebook – where he is @kefichris and on LinkedIn.

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